4 Mar 2012

Pokémon the Abridged Series Episode 24: The Sleepy Time Caper

Author: Grant | Filed under: Box of Danger Productions

Ash and the gang come across a sleepy little town with psychological issues and child-recognition problems. Things go from bad to worse as Poké-depression sweeps the city.


Written by Roooster and Whorenet


Special Guest Voices:
Hypno – SMYN Youko
Child 1 – Charmy
Child 2 – Rhoran

  • Lan

    LOL at friggin last! 

  • Conor

    tokw long enought

  • Sorbet

    Great episode!!!

  • Darkkent88

    i want more

  • Flubbernugget

    that is one hell of a hypnosis

  • Pokelefi

    you guys ask the same thing i was thinking 
    why didn’t they park first kids play in park right?
    an what have they been eating in these 3 days?