15 Jul 2012

Dangercast 54: Natro Is Teh Best Anmie Evar

Author: Grant | Filed under: Box of Danger Productions, Dangercast

Grant and Greg are back again with more emails.




Greg’s been playing Metal Gear Solid some more.
We Don’t Hate That Much… Anymore…
Dragon’s Dogma!
Super Meat Boy
Sony All-Stars
“The Game” is Retarded
Netflix Anime
Hunter x Hunter
Favorite Abridged Series We’ve Made
Capcom is Bad at DLC.
Advice for a 13-Year Old
Do You Know What Fudruckers is? Grant Apparently Doesn’t.
The Avengers
Please Reread Your Emails Before You Send Them
Cody’s Legit
Stand-up Comedy
iTunes Reviews
Eddie’s a Jerk
Grant Went to New Jersey
G Gundam
Turns out I don’t have Wild Wild West on my computer, so I can’t put it at the end of the podcast. Look it up on your own.



Kirby’s Epic Yarn Original Soundtrack