9 Mar 2012

Dangercast 48: The Regcast

Author: Grant | Filed under: Box of Danger Productions, Dangercast

Reggie and Grant realize it’s been a while since they talked about bad anime. Then they watched an episode of Geisters, and remembered why they stopped watching bad anime.



We read electronic mail from Brandon/Gary, our super fan who corrects the crap out of us. This leads us to discussion about some totally 90′s Street Fighter Valentine’s Day cards.

Then we get another email about Greg and how great he is. That basically becomes the theme of the show, really. We also talk about video games that are underrated. Then we talk a whole lot about Samuel L. Jackson. Then Saints Row The Third: Gangsta’s In Space!

Also, Kung Pow started Abridging. I’m sure LK has admitted this, but we’re here to tell you again. Then STORY TIME.