19 Dec 2011

Dangercast 41: Under That Truck!

Author: Grant | Filed under: Box of Danger Productions, Dangercast

Grant and Mark regale some stories about their recent video gaming, with things like FreakyForms and Pushmo for Grant, and Star Wars the Old Republlic for Mark. Then we go on tangents about old games and how great they were. Like Pokemon. Remember that truck Mew was hiding under?

Yeah, you do.

Anyway, we also answer some emails, which you can email us at DANGERCAST (AT) BOXOFDANGER.COM. They cover things like “Top Ten Games Ever” or something, as well as what would drive us to buy a 3DS. We then go crazy over Illusion of Gaia, because it’s the best.

Nemesis Mashup/CarboHydroM
To the New World/Illusion of Gaia