17 Oct 2011

Dangercast 34: I’m OLD and RACIST

Author: Grant | Filed under: Box of Danger Productions, Dangercast

Grant and Greg have a quickly thrown together podcast before THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME. We talk about Metaknight being banned in “official” Brawl tournaments, as well as the reaction of the ex-Smash Bros. Champ Mew2King and how he left a load of semen in someone’s bed as a way of saying “thank you” for housing him. We then move on to an email about the anime No. 6, which apparently chronicles the lives of Grant, Kirran, and bees that make you age super fast when they sting you. Also, Grant didn’t really like Demon’s Souls because he’s a little girl and likes to win in his video games. We kinda cut the recording early because Greg’s microphone starts spazzing out again.

The people’s champion

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Metaknight’s Revenge (Brawl Remix)/Nintendo
Holy Diver/Dio

  • Meyham

    No. 6 is actually VERY good. It’s based off of a series of young adult novels by Asano Atsuko. The animation is beautiful, the music is great, the story is heart-wrenching… and the reason no one’s heard of it, jerks, is because it only just came out late this past summer.

  • Smiteyagami

    Guys. It sucks because the writer was all “why do the bees sting people?… oh I know! I’ll make up a new god that posseses young girls and is an angry environmentalist.” pshh Calling it crappy would be praising it to much.

  • not roooster

    keep making these things