3 Oct 2011

Dangercast 33: Evan Mills Got Blown

Author: Grant | Filed under: Box of Danger Productions, Dangercast

In this week’s podcast (which starts with a bit of an audio hiccup, but works itself out part way through, but then comes back with a vengeance towards the end), Joel, Mark, Grant, Eddie, and Gooey discuss pressing matters like Art, MOST DANGEROUS GAMES (Monday Nights at 8pm!), and Eddie’s brother getting a blow job from a girl who, shortly after, gives another blow job (allegedly). We also cover EMAILS! You should send more, by the way – is the place! We get emails from Buck Fitches, satenshi, FOR SCIENCE, Roooster, Rhoran, Sam Rodriguez, and Eddie!

Also, go on the forums, jerks.

Music – Anamanaguchi: Mess / Bonnie Tyler: Holding Out for a Hero

  • Anonymous

    I love how I’m the only member of the group who never gets billed with their first name.  :(

  • Roooster

    William never gets his billed with his first name, but you don’t hear him complaining.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but he at least gets billed with a legitimate name.  :(

  • Master WGS

    We legitimately call you “Gooey” when we talk to you. We call you “Gooey” throughout this whole podcast. That is your name, soldier, get used to it.