20 Mar 2011

Dangercast 18: Satan!

Author: Grant | Filed under: Box of Danger Productions, Dangercast

Mark and Grant whine about how unfunny everyone on the internet is, and how big of a baby everyone is when we tell them about it. Seriously Internet-At-Large, you guys aren’t funny – but that’s okay. No one’s saying we are, either. Just because YOU’RE not funny, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad human being. You can be an okay person, even if you’re not entertaining. At all. And have perfect lip-flaps. Also sitcom one-shots. The Devil hangs out with the Raypist family from down the street. Hilarity ensues.

tl;dr -

  • TheFourteenthNumber

    It just goes to show you Wuggles, You can’t judge a book by it’s post.

    (Most of the time anyway…)

  • Thepiratedude

    You guys are the best, but why is it always usually you guys in these podcasts? Greg and Grant I mean.

  • satenshi

    as tehexorcist said for his best edited episode tac award, you don’t need perfect lip syncing to tell a joke

  • JoJoRockets52

    because no one else probably cares

  • Xerostyle

    It’s usually because we are free and have nothing to do. Grant and I generally hang out on Friday, and before everyone else gets out to hang out, we make one podcast. Zac and Devin haven’t had time to make one either.

  • Houston Home Security

    I like some well-meaning joke ! Happy is most important.