4 Mar 2011

Dangercast 15: So I Invented a Butt-Punching Game…

Author: Grant | Filed under: Box of Danger Productions, Dangercast

Grant, Joel, and Mike sit down at a McDonald’s and talk about winning that stupid Monopoly scam, punching people in the butt for the sake of sport, and Joel coughing up a lung. We also had info on Ohayocon, but that had already happened by the time was is posted, so what do you care?

  • El_pharto

    Oh my god! What is the band you have playing in this podcast… TELL ME OR I’LL PUNCH YOU IN THE… uh… BOTTOM!

  • Master WGS

    It’s Anamanaguchi. They’re awesome.

  • Nathanstraley

    Please, did you make the song in the beginning and sprinkled throughout the show or is it a real song? Either way a DL of the full or a name of it would be MUCH appretiated.