9 Oct 2011

Aminorphs Episode 2: My Name Continues to Be Jake

Author: Grant | Filed under: Box of Danger Productions

Jake and friends decide to finally face their alien issue and try to figure out morphing. However, while the practice session is going on, Tobias is sidetracked by a mysterious red-tailed hawk who won’t get out of his mind. Will this avian-based paranoia cause problems in the ranks of the Animorphs, or can the team get their act together and find the disc Elfangor threw at Tobias a few nights ago?


MasterWGS as Jake and Rachel

CountAbyss as Cassie and Tobias

LordMoonstone as Marco

  • Nick

    omfg…. awesome xD

  • Finn

    Whens the next episode?

  • Jessefogg

    LOL idk how much people watch these but you HAVE to keep makin them and put them on youtube XD
    its mickey mouse you jackasses XDDDD

  • Cryostat

    Still amazingly done. My childhood has never been more amusing as an adult.