25 Feb 2010

Aminorphs Episode 1: My Name is Jake

Author: Grant | Filed under: Box of Danger Productions

Jake and his friends are visited by the strange alien prince, Elfangor, and blessed with the power to morph into any animal they can touch! Without warning, they’re pulled into a war they didn’t even known only by their mysterious power as the Animorphs! But things won’t be easy, it’d seem the invasion of the evil Yeerk Empire has already begun and going strong. Their school’s assistant principal may even be one of the aliens! Can Jake and friends hold off this invasion?


MasterWGS as Jake and Rachel
CountAbyss as Tobias and Cassie
LordMoonstone as Marco

  • Jakeroo123

    Yeah, so is mine.

  • allycat

    ohmy god i remember animorphs:such a sucky ending after 80 books worth of buildup

  • Cryostat

    Ah… my childhood abridged.
    Wonderful! :-)