Pokémon the Abridged Series began on February 14th, 2008. Once run solely by Master WGS, Pokémon the Abridged Series (PTAS) quickly become too much for the green-horn video maker to handle, so he enlisted the help of his friends DarkBomberKid, Xerostyle, ModernTenshi04, Deathscythehello, and Chippy, who would eventually become Box of Danger. As the Box of Danger flagship and origin point, PTAS has slowly (at times, VERY slowly) grown significantly over the years, and (God-willing) will continue to grow with, not only the help of the BoD members, but Honorary Members CountAbyss and LordMoonstone as well.



Episode 1: More Than a Game

Episode 2: Terror Alert Viridian!

Episode 3: The Birds and the Bugs

Episode 4: Ash is Assaulted!

Episode 5: Daddy Issues

Episode 6: Mission Abolitionism!

Episode 7: Wet and Wild

Episode 8: Disturbing the Green Peace

Episode 9: Charman-Dizzle and the Pika-Chump

Episode 10: The Flame War Cometh

Episode 11: Squirtle!? Can Ya Dig It!?

Episode 12: Dungeons and Dragonites

Episode 13: Thunderdome 2- Electric Boogaloo

Episode 14: Not Another Titanic Movie

Episode 15: A LOST Cause

Episode 16: Beach Blues

Episode 17: Nastina’s Paradise Ruined

Episode 18: Ghost of Maiden’s Peak

Episode 19: How the Mighty Have Fallen

Episode 20: Psychic Pshowdown

Episode 21: Swayze

Episode 22: Mankey Business

Episode 23: She Who Smelt It…

Episode 24: The Sleepy Time Caper

Episode 25: Time Police