Remember the hit Scholastic book series Animorphs? Remember live-action Nickelodeon television show based on the book series? Well, you’ll be glad you didn’t when you watch MasterWGS, LordMoonstone, and CountAbyss’ retelling of these classic tales!


Jake is your average high-school student when he, his cousin Rachel, his best friend Marco, his African-American love-interest Cassie, and the outcast Tobias encounter the Andalite prince, Elfangor. Elfangor tells them that a secret war has been waging on Earth against an evil empire of space-slugs called Yeerks, which crawl into your ear and control  your brain. The Yeerks could be controlling anyone – your school’s assistant principal, your older brother, even your own mother who you thought died years ago! And now that they’re here, mankind is basically doomed! But, before he is viciously ripped to shreds by the evil Visser Three, Elfangor bestows upon the youths the ability to morph into any animal they can touch. Could this be the fighting chance they need to change the tides in this interstellar war for the Earth?


Episode 1: My Name is Jake

Episode 2: My Name Continues To Be Jake