Q: Where can I download the podcasts?

A: Here are the three options


Q: What shows do you feature on the podcasts?

A: We try to offer a huge variety of shows on the podcast, made by our members and honorary members. Basically, if they were heavily involved in its production, there is a solid chance it will at some point be put on the podcast. At the time of this posting, the following series are featured -

  • The Dangercast
  • Pokémon the Abridged Series
  • Aminorphs
  • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Abridged
  • Gravitation Abridged
  • Hokuto No Ken Abridged
  • Fuuma No Kojirou Abridged
  • Misc. videos by Members and Honorary Members
  • DBZ The Real Abridged (Not by Box of Danger)


More shows are likely to be featured, and as time goes on, we may gain a few more members and have an even broader spectrum of shows to feature.

Q: Other than the podcast, where can I find more from these series?

A: Most of the series above have Youtube channels that feature them. You can find these channels below. (Not all channels are devoted solely to these series.)