7 Sep 2010

Video’s Will Soon be Streamed off of Box of Danger

Author: Dark Bomber | Filed under: News

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we will son be hosting every Box of Danger video off of our site. That means, no more Youtube hunting, and no more need to download iTunes to have them all. You will have not only Pokemon the Abridged Series, but Hokuto No Ken Abridged, Gundam Shorts, Fullmetal Alchemist Abridged, and others. That’s right everyone! Now I bet you’re wondering, when will this new feature be available? The Answer: Who knows…


  • JoJoRockets52

    and maybe another abridged series………..

  • Ss4mario

    spelled soon rong.

  • jpoopdog

    well, i cant wait, this is awsome!
    if youtube felt like it right now, every single abridged show would be deleted, as technicaly, unless you make the anime, its going against some copyright laws simply because its on youtube, and because of what kind of site youtube is, or what its “classed”, as.