7 Feb 2012

The Wugglies Results

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So a few months ago I set into motion another Abridging contest. It wasn’t super promoted, and was geared more towards people who are already part of this community. Another contest like this will likely appear again, probably with more publicity to (hopefully) bring in some better talent. I say that because, sadly, none of these entries were… good. A few had good ideas, and some even had good moments… but none of the videos entered really qualify as “good” for me. Which is sad, because someone’s walking away with a pretty big wad of cash. Anyway, here are the entries, my reviews of them, and the results.



TheFourteenthNumber’s Gungrave Abridged Episode 1

Though I really like the idea behind this video, I feel it drags too much to really work for me. It gets some points for originality and turning an Abridging trope on its ear, but around a minute in I was sick of the “joke.” A nice attempt, but the anti-humor goes a bit too far for me, and makes it tough to watch the whole thing. I sincerely wish I liked this better. The last punchline was pretty strong, though.


TwooGiz’s Kimi No Iru Machi Abridged 01:

The hamfisted awfulness of this is relatively endearing. However, coming in at 7 minutes makes this a brutal endeavor. After about a minute I was really REALLY wishing I could turn it off. As much as I typically love hamfisted stuff, this tends to go too far in that direction and becomes simply annoying. The idea of using manga to avoid lipflaps is something I can… Idunno, respect? That seems like the wrong word, but eh… Anyway, the weird zooms and pans for the shots helped the hamfisted thing but, again, it just went too far. And the length. It was way too long.


Truthordeal’s I Don’t Have Many Friends Abridged Parody One Shot: 

I already like your title. The second take of the disclaimer joke was an alright idea, but took too long to do. I did like the “No time for the opening” though, so I guess it evens out? This video has a lot of alright ideas that… feel like they lack good execution. The mocking of the common anime fan made me smile on the inside, but your delivery and timimg kept me from actually smiling. It also goes on a bit too long, making the pacing issues more evident. The stinger was pretty good, though.


Astram’s Who is Elfen and Why Did He Lie:

Another good job on a creative title. The audio levels in this video needed some work. The music/voices didn’t feel… mixed right. “Worse than spilling coffee” was an alright gag. Then you play Metalocalypse’s Coffee, and this video goes downhill fast. Not that the song is bad, but there’s no joke here, other than “Hey, we said coffee in this video, so no we’re going to waste time playing this song.” Boo to that, sir. You also go out on a really bad joke that’s also mixed poorly. However, its saving grace is that it’s short. Your voice for the naked girl worked for me, as I’m always a fan of outright regular male voices for girls. Learn to not base your entire video off of a single bland joke, and you might have something in the future.


SmiteYagami’s [Un]Hacking the mainframe:

As someone who wasn’t a fan as the original video, despite it being made by Kirran, this didn’t make me like it any better.Also, your voice only coming in the left ear was really distracting. And that whole barely any jokes bit. That really took away from this videos. A kind of creative idea though, so I guess that’s kinda cool.


Roy’s Baka and Test Abridged One Shot:

First off, I don’t know how much of this story is accurate to the original. I’m assuming there is actually a dance competition. The dubstep joke could’ve been good without “TURN THAT SHIT OFF,” but ya blew it. Your screams are also not very good. Sorry. Also, would it kill you to listen to your lines to make sure you’re not puffing/popping? That would’ve helped a LOT. Also, though I love The Safety Dance, the gag goes on too long. I also feel like you missed a good joke opportunity with “Everybody look at your hands” and that shot of the dude with his hand in the camera. HOWEVER – despite how bad this entire video has been thus far, I DID laugh at “They win with their golf score of 53.” The sheer matter-of-factness in that statement really worked hand-in-hand with the poorly edited in score… which you could’ve easily made higher than the opposing crew’s score, but opted for a goofy joke instead. Props to that. Then the video falls flat again, and you have an alright stinger.




Third Place Prize ($5): TwooGiz!
You had some fun ideas, but your length killed you. If this video was three minutes shorter, and only had the highlights, it might’ve gotten first place.


Second Place Prize ($20): TheFourteenthNumber!
Even though your video is really only two jokes, I think both jokes are executed fairly well. Though your first joke goes on for a bit too long, it’s still fairly effective.


Competition’s Choice ($25): Roy!
With two thirds of all the votes, Roy swiped $25 with two whole votes! Honorary mention to runner-up Twoogiz, with one vote.


First Place Prize ($50): Roy!
First off, this video had a LOT of problems. However, it’s worth noting that the goal for “Abridged” videos is to make people laugh, preferably out loud. Yours was the only one that did (Golf Score caught me off guard, and was even funnier when reflecting upon the fact that it was purposely edited to be a lower score). Though it might not be the best complete package of the contest, it’s the only one that succeeded in actually making me laugh, so by default, it kinda has to win. Also, in a shocking twist, you also won the Competition’s Choice, giving you the highest possible prize of $75! Go out and buy a better microphone!


Congratulations to all the folks who won, and thanks for playing everybody! Winners, please send me your Paypal accounts so that I may shoot your prizes your way. Feel free to tell me how stupid I am for picking these winners – in a way we all lost with these kinds of entries.



  • Astram

    “Learn to not base your entire video off of a single bland joke, and you might have something in the future.”

    I didn’t know cereal killers was entered. anyway, congrats to everyone else.

  • Meyham

    The cereal brand WASN’T the joke, it was a part of the plot, so of course it was continually referenced.

  • Buck

    The actual joke of the name “00′s” went as far as the title; the rest of the video was a continuous gag. 

    If it makes you feel better, I thought your submission was worth something, but I don’t know if I’ve even seen Roy’s…