18 Jun 2014

Status Update

Author: Grant | Filed under: News

Alright guys and gals, let’s rap for a second.


(Grant pulls up a chair and sits in it backwards, assuring you he’s a cool dude who means well.)

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What are we doing here? Why do you, or maybe even don’t you, come to this website? Why do we have forums? Why do Greg and I sit down and record podcasts somewhat regularly?


Well, okay, maybe that last question is mine to answer. I can’t speak entirely for Greg, but I think we primarily do it because it’s fun. Maybe we’re ego maniacs yelling at a wall, but it’s fun to hear ourselves talk. It’s also super fun answering emails and giving input on stuff from total strangers. And it’s fun knowing that someone somewhere out there is listening to our drivel.


And apparently it’s more “someones” than we thought. Sometime last month, Matt informed me that our site was using more bandwidth than we were allotted. We assumed it was likely the bots that were spamming the forums, so we shut them down, planning to find a way to resolve the matter. Then I posted a podcast, and lo! We used WAY more bandwidth. So much so that our site was turned off by our hosts. So now we’ve moved onto a new server plan and made sure everything we had posted was back where it belonged. The site may be slow for a day or two, but beyond that, things should be back to normal.


But are you satisfied with normal?


The truth is, this new server plan isn’t cheap. It’s not breaking the bank, either, but it definitely merits us looking into new ways to use this site. So, while the original problem seemed to be too many listeners or visitors, the new issue is giving you a reason to come back, and maybe invite a friend. If we become unable to make what we do make sense for how much we spend doing it, there’s a very real possibility it won’t become feasible and we’ll have to stop. That’s where y’all come in.


What do you want us to do? We’ll obviously keep the podcast going, likely at a much more regular rate (and hopefully with slightly better production values), but is there anything else? We honestly feel tapped out on the Abridged front. While that’s a fun hobby that some really feel comfortable with, it’s always felt like too limiting a medium for us. Or, at least, me personally (This is probably a good time to note that I, Grant Smith/Master WGS, am writing this by myself without consulting the other BoD crew. I am purely speaking for myself and what I assume they may think/feel). That’s not to say things like that are never coming back, just probably not for a while. But what about our videogame videos? Would you like to see more stuff like that? Maybe live action stuff? I’ve got a decent enough camera, but nothing professional grade. Maybe more focused podcasts, like something specifically about music or movies? More written content, like our Game of the Year 2011 stuff or Greg’s Attack on Titan review? We’re looking for suggestions because we want to keep making stuff, but we don’t want to waste too much time making stuff no one enjoys.


So I guess the rest is kind of up to you guys. We’ll keep doing the podcast and throwing out content we brainstorm and produce, but we’d really like to hear you guys’ side of things. Maybe this whole thing isn’t worth it? I’d like to think not, but it’s not our call to make. Websites ain’t free, ya know?  Anyway, comment on this article or get a hold of me on twitter @MasterWuggles or @BoxODanger. Or contact us via our Facebook page if you still use that site. Or, y’know, the forums. I check those places for your feedback, so it’d be great to hear from you guys. Looking forward to attempting to entertaining you all in the years to come!
Dangerously yours,



  • prototype9

    Keep dem podcast coming! I’d love to see some more game play stuff like the walking dead play through which I found hilarious.

  • paul

    as much as i love your abridged series im not going to force you to do it i much rather you do it on your own the podcasts are great too just do you guys

  • Hylianola

    I feel that the podcast is basically the cornerstone of your content, so that certainly shouldn’t go anywhere. But bring more friends! It needs more danger.

    Definitely more video content, whether short parody videos or just you guys playing vidya games. Really anything involving two or more of you in the same room will be hilarious as long as at least Grant, Greg, or Eddie is there.

  • extremesalsaing

    I initially followed you guys way back when you first started Pokemon Abdridged, but it’s honestly been a few years since I watched any of your abridged stuff. I could tell there was less heart in it after the podcast started. That said though, the podcast is great and should certainly continue!

  • JessicaSideways

    I wish you’d continue the Abridged series, no lie and that’s the only reason I come back to the site. But what would be worse if you did it without passion, so it’s a catch-22 either way.

  • Pat B


  • Devon Ott

    The Dangercasts I remember most are the ones where you tortured yourselves with terrible media. The Most Dangerouscast was really good. I’m quite curious to see what you have in store for some live action video. I hope to go into digital media so it’s good to observe what to do (or what not to do) through different types of people. Your work would be interesting.
    Edit: I would be content with Ads as long as it’s nothing that gets in my way. Great way to make money for the site and then some.

  • Nintendo Noir

    and even 2 years after this is over, I come back to the site to see that it is in fact not defunct. it’s sad looking at all of my old posts. I miss the cast, and even when it’s old news I still listen to it. you guys are the best, and I’ll remain an eternal fan, and eagerly await a second coming.

  • prototype9