22 May 2010

Some Crazy Updates

Author: Grant | Filed under: Abridging, News

Well, the new episode (featuring guest-star LittleKuriboh, by the way) has been unleashed in Pokémon, the Traditionally Abridged Series. This one-time-only special was written by our very own Deathscythehello, so direct all compliments to him on his fine work! Be sure to stick around after the show to be told when our next episode, which will serve as the Mighty Butterfree’s swan-song.

Also from the Box of Danger comes Trunks is History, a bizarre take on the heavy-handed DBZ movie, The History of Trunks.

Finally, we’re working towards getting a new iTunes feed set up with the help of our friends over at The Mented. Not sure how long it will take, but trust us when I say we’re working as fast as we can.