31 Jan 2011

PTAS 21, DaDtUCS, and Ohayocon Reflections!

Author: Grant | Filed under: Abridging, News

Well, it was a long time comin’, but it’s finally here.

Pokémon the Abridged Series: Episode 21 is now available on Youtube. Knowing them, though, it could go down any minute, so check it out while the getting’s good!

Our good man Roooster also provided us with a bit of laughs in the form of Dungeons and Dragons: The Ultimate Champion Series. Not totally sure on whether or not to continue this series. It’s not so much that we didn’t like it (we loved it, in fact), but this seems like a gag that might only work once or twice. Feel free to voice your opinions in the dedicated thread, or in the Youtube comments.

Oh, also this thing happened this weekend. It was called Ohayocon, and in all likelihood, you probably missed it. And boy did you miss out big. Videos are sure to be on the way, but here’s a tip for the future.

Probably more stuff coming your way, and a potential change in Podcast feeds again as well. Mevio apparently can’t keep up with us anymore.

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    The Episode was great cant wait for the next one!
    You guys rock!