1 Feb 2011

Post Ohayocon Update

Author: Dark Bomber | Filed under: News

Well, it seems things are winding down for the Danger Crew and friends. I know we had a long drought of updates these past few months, but Ohayocon has recharged our creative juices. Meaning we’re pumped to get out episodes to you, the fans. PTAS should be back in the swing of things, with the next episode being scripted by WGS, CountAbyss, and Lord Moonstone. Not to mention new things in the works from WGS, Moonstone, and Dark Bomber?! Gasp. I know, I’m actually doing something. Hokuto no Ken Abridged episode 2? Eh, We’ll see. I’ll I say is it’s going to be awful. :)

So stay tuned, kids. ;)

-DJ Bomber-

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