7 Jun 2010

PokemonAbridgedFTW is Down Again

Author: Grant | Filed under: Abridging, News

Alright, nobody panic. We can get through this. We just all need to take a couple deep breaths… You good? Good. Here’s the story, what we’ve got so far, and what we hope to do.

Episode 19 was apparently the last nail in our channel’s coffin, and it was hit due to the abundance of DragonForce music (Thanks a lot, Butterfree. Even in death you torture us!). Since Youtube connected Google accounts, the two were disabled simultaneously. The way we got our account back last time was by emailing them a counterclaim via the channel’s email. Back then, the Google accounts weren’t connected, so that was possible. Now that they’ve blocked the email (which, from my point of view, seems a tad unfair/illegal), this doesn’t look like a possibility, so I can’t promise PokemonAbridgedFTW will ever actually come back.

HOWEVER, we can rebuild. Pokemonstrosity is our current backup channel, but even then, we’re still under Youtube’s watchful eye, so how safe is that? Not very, I assure you. So what are our other options?

ITunes! That’s a great idea… but how will we host them? Our last host took them down for basically the same reason as Youtube. We could always use TheMented, but then again…


That’s right, folks. We’re going to try and set up to both stream our episodes for viewing, as well as set up an RSS Feed to make the show get back on iTunes. If we can manage that, we wouldn’t have to worry about Youtube/ taking us down. Try and spread the word to the other fans on the internet and bring them here! We’ll still try to upload to Youtube via Pokemonstrosity, but odds are, once we get this site working at full speed, THIS will be the main hub for everything we do.

All we ask is that you be a little patient. ModernTenshi04 is working as fast as he can to get some stuff tested and up and running. Right now, all we can do is wait, and try and get as many people to come here for when we start putting content on the site.

Join our forums! Give us feedback! Spread word of this place, and help this monster grooooooooooooooooow!

  • geaglewarrior


  • Dan

    What happened to you youtube, you used to be cool.

  • ModernTenshi04

    That's right, you're at the mercy of the guy with the purple cum beard as his profile pic.

    May God have mercy on your souls.

  • Kammy

    WTF – I want to stick with you guys for a lot longer than after The Mighty Buterfree's doom … I could stick around with you guys until the Jhotto League episodes. Anywhere after that wouldn't be very good (unless you hate the post-151 Pokemon as much as I do…) Another thing … I remember being scolded by MasterWGS on Episode 19's premier night ….. Such great memories … I so want them back :_( … Please!!! bring back PTAS to it's prominence so that there can be more! :-)