21 Jun 2010

PokemonAbridgedFTW is back down!

Author: Grant | Filed under: News

Well. Shocker.

Anyways, take refuge here. Odds are, we’ll start uploading stuff here, and will likely wait for a while to deal with Youtube. Them disabling the email you’re supposed to use in order to counterclaim makes it really hard to, y’know, counterclaim.

  • DrewGSC64

    wonderful! :D (sarcasm)

  • ModernTenshi04

    Well the bigger problem is this is our third strike, which usually means the channel is completely gone, no chance of getting it back.

    We may literally have to start from scratch here.

  • DrewGSC64

    well pokemonstrosity is still up right so not entirely from scratch… it still sucks though.

  • ericnkatz

    Should just upload content to this site. Use HTML 5 built in Video player ftw.

  • ModernTenshi04

    That's what we're shooting for, I just need to get off my lazy ass and make it happen.

    Problem is, we can't gain fans as easily here as we can on YouTube.

  • Dellazice

    You could try putting it on, they seem to be kind of relaxed when it come to copyright.

  • ModernTenshi04

    I think we did, but they took us down same as YouTube.

  • Jadon

    What!? again? screw utube.

  • Jadon

    why dont u advertise to get more fans. or you could make a new account advertising this site…… Hey kan i do it? im a nerd to, its horrible people makeing fun of me……. but i woulds like permission to advertise Box of or PTAS.

  • Hawkeye92

    guess you could make a channel running just adverts for each episode, and direct people here.

  • Jadon

    thanks ill tell you what user im under as soon as i finish my youtube account

  • Jadon

    my user is moomanxtra. the first ad for BOD amd PTAS I'll post probbably the 6th or 7th

  • FTEcho 4

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOw maybe you'll get the iTunes feed back up.

    Long live the Box!

  • Prawny

    Can't they make their minds up?


  • Theultrachicken

    there is a way to unlink your email account from youtube if you still had your account

  • Jadon

    ya…. 6th 7th…. sorry probbably the 22nd keywords will be ptas, ad and bod

  • Kevin Barr

    Youtube is a godsend as well as a burden. Its the best medium to get your work noticed and published, but the annoying account suspensions need to end, unfortunately they won't be.

  • Edisonae86

    Whee can I find episode 6? I'll keep supporting you guys!