8 Jan 2012

Ohayocon 2012 and Store Page!

Author: Grant | Filed under: Abridging, News

Happy 2012, everybody! Hope it’s treating you well so far.

Box of Danger in 2012 is hitting it big! We’re kicking off the year with our usual appearance at Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio, January 27th-29th. Register now if you haven’t already, and come hang out with us either at the con or during our panels. We have two of ‘em this year: Abridging Theater and How To Panel. Watch us show you some Abridging videos (including two or three new videos from us!), or come get some tips from us on properly running a panel.

Speaking of Ohayocon, you want to look good while you’re there, right? Make a good impression on us while exciting all the ladies with your untamable swag? Then you should check out our revamped store page! The shirts are a bit pricey (roughly $25 + Shipping), but they’re quality shirts that won’t wear out or fade. You can also get 10% off your entire order for entering in the coupon code “flayzer”.


Regardless, looking forward to seeing you at Ohayocon, making more stuff this year and HITTING IT BIG.