2 Dec 2009

Ohayocon 2010

Author: ModernTenshi04 | Filed under: News

Well kids, looks like we’ve managed to score a panel at Ohayocon 2010, which goes down January 29-31. This was the first convention for pretty much every founding member of Box of Danger, myself back in 2005, the rest of the crew the 2009 con, so it’s great to be going back. SamuraiKH2 did an abridging panel last year, and invited us to be on it as guests when he learned we would be attending.

The day and time our panel will be going down is currently unknown, because I submitted our panel request to the programming director himself this past Monday morning, and he only just got back to me this morning. Apparently he’s a fan of parodies and has been doing fan dubbing/parodies for nearly 20 years himself, so he was excited about our submission and agreed to add us to the schedule. I’ve requested the panel be either Friday or Saturday, preferably in the late afternoon or early evening. Given the content of some of our stuff, and the general demeanor of our crew during past panels (read: my mouth), I’ve suggested that the panel be listed as a 13+, though that “rating” is merely a warning, and isn’t enforced like the 18+ panels are. Basically this lets us cut loose and have some fun.

There’s a good possibility this panel could be a TWO HOUR PANEL. We’re planning on using a good chunk of the time to have audience members come up to record dialog for some clips we’ll have prepared, to demonstrate the process we go through in creating the various shows we have. Who knows? Maybe your recorded dialog will end up in an episode!

He said he’ll try to get back to me either later today or tomorrow, but it could also be until next month as to when we’ll have solid details (sometimes these things don’t get ironed out until a few weeks before the convention).

Either way, get over to Ohaycon’s website and pre-register for the convention. This will be my fourth time at Ohayocon, and I have to say, for a con that’s usually only marketed in the northwest, it’s a damn good convention, one I look forward to every year. Pre-reg closes after the end of the month, and is $40 for the whole weekend.

Stay tuned to our homepage and forums for further updates.

  • acce245

    Awesome stuff dudes. Will see you there.

  • duffers8

    oh cool another convention I cant go to =/

    What about the episodes?
    You know, the only reason youre there? :L

  • Xerostyle

    We’re holding out on you. If you go to the convention, you get to see the new episode first.

  • Tim

    Keep being awsome guys, keep up the good work

  • Tim

    Keep being awsome guys, keep up the good work