20 Jan 2010

Ohayocon 2010 Update

Author: ModernTenshi04 | Filed under: Abridging, News

The details on our panel have been made official.

Our panel is on the Saturday of the con, January 30th, from 6PM to 8PM in rooms Grant and Harding.

All of this will be made available on the official convention schedule, which will be available at the convention itself, and hopefully on-line beforehand.

We’re all excited here at Box of Danger.  We’ve got lots of fun planned, along with 4 episodes to show, and 2 of them BRAND NEW:  the latest episode of Pokemon Abridged, and the other is a one-shot written by Dark Bomber, and edited by Nergle.  We’ll also be showing our Hellsing parody, as well as a classic episode of Pokemon Abridged.  This panel is the first time anyone will see the new PTAS episode, as well as Bomber’s one-shot (well, besides the BoD crew).  The episodes will be made available via YouTube, and the PTAS episode via iTunes, right after the convention.

So if you’re looking for something to do the last weekend of January, something to quell those wintertime blues, something to gird your loins with excitement and fun, look no further than Ohayocon 2010.  Saturday pass is $30, full weekend pass is $40.  Registration is now at-the-door only.

See you there!

– ModernTenshi04

  • Fortenium

    I went!

    Grant, honestly I hadn't the slightest clue you were going to be attending there…..

  • Russell

    What is the opening song in episode 17?

  • killas

    i wish i could of went but i am in aus

  • killas

    i wish i could of went but i am in aus