20 May 2014

Forum Shutdown

Author: ModernTenshi04 | Filed under: News

Hello all, your friendly site admin ModernTenshi04 posting.


Lately I’ve been receiving notifications from our host about abnormally high bandwidth usage. While I find their reasoning highly suspect (we’ve had heavier months before), I feel that part of our problem has been the massive bot issue we’ve had on our forums lately.


As such, I’ve shutdown the forums for the time being. They aren’t going away forever, and nothing has been deleted, but the bot issue has become such a nuisance and legitimate use of the forums has dropped so significantly, that I couldn’t leave them up at this point in time. I’m hoping that shutting down the forums for a bit will solve our bandwidth usage issues with our host, or reveal another problem we may have to address.


Meanwhile, the remaining members of Box of Danger have been discussing the future of this site. We don’t want things to go away, but we have to come up with some sort of viable plan to make sure this site is being used effectively. Stay tuned for what happens.


Hugs and kisses,