5 Feb 2010

Episode 17 Up! Ohayocon Success! New Series!

Author: Grant | Filed under: Abridging, News

Boy howdy, do I have quite a bit of updates for you folks! Let’s get things started, shall we?

First and foremost, the new Pokemon The Abridged Series episode is up on Youtube and iTunes!

Be sure to discuss it in the video comments, or in the Talkback Thread in the forums!

We also recently went to Ohayocon, and hosted a 2 hour panel! It was a terrific success, featuring special guest appearances from Usagimaru, LordMoonstone, and the one-and-only Kroooooooooooooze! Shirts, video games, and manga were given out as prizes during some games, we showed some videos, and even received some awesome fan-made gifts. (Pics to come!) Xerostyle has the footage for the panel, and should have it available for internet viewing soon.

While at the con, we also announced/showed a new series some of the gang will be working on. Hokuto No Ken Abridged (Some of you may also know the series as Fist of the North Star)! The episode has been uploaded to Youtube, as well as iTunes. It has its own channel, so be sure to subscribe there, too!

Also, be on the lookout for our original PTAS account (PokemonAbridgedFTW) to be returning to its usual status. Our buddy 1KidsEntertainment seems to be a wizard at getting Youtube accounts back (See TeamFourStar), and according to his predictions, ours is on the way!

Some more great things are on their way from your favorite perilous cube, so be sure to keep yourself around here for more updates and hilarity.

~ Wuggles

  • Joshua

    Will there be anymore PTAS's or has that ship sailed?

  • ash

    its good to see that they actualy made a good pokemon show for once

  • killas

    this is the best abridged series i have ever seen

  • killas

    this is the best abridged series i have ever seen