2 Nov 2010

Dangercast Double Update Weekend Bonanza!

Author: Grant | Filed under: News

Hey losers, guess who posted TWO podcasts this weekend! THESE GUYS.

In Dangercast 8, Zac “The CountAbyss” Field, Devin “The NeoChopstix and Ultimate Champion of The Survivor Game” Keller, and Jacob “No Cool Screen-Name, But He’s Zac’s Brother, So We Let Him In” Field talk about two “Horror Movies” to get you into or out of the Halloween spirit – Zombies of Mass Destruction and Jaws: The Revenge.

In Dangercast 9, Grant “Master Wuggles” Smith, Eddie “I’m Dark Bomber Kid, and I’m a Bad Friend” Mills, Joel “Roooster” Bailey, and Matt “ModernTenshi04″ Degooey discuss their recent trip to Youmacon… as well as nearly everything else on their mind for a four-hour car ride. At the end, we also feature a little snippet of the afterparty to Show Me Your News’ upcoming podcast episode (which you should also totally check out here on iTunes when it comes out), where Grant, Eddie, and the SMYN cast jam out some tunes for your listening pleasure.

Enjoy nearly two-and-a-half hours of podcasting goodness, whether you’re subscribed to The Official Box of Danger Podcast, which also features plenty of Abridged videos, or The Dangercast, which is purely the audio podcasts! Please rate/comment on iTunes if you wanna make us REALLY happy (well, you’ll make Wuggles happy, anyway).