24 Oct 2010

Dangercast 7, Dangercast iTunes Feed, and e-mail!

Author: Grant | Filed under: News

Listen live HERE.

In this podcast, Dark Bomber and I go to a Five Guys restaurant and discuss Abridging, Mega Man Legends 3, and some creepy video game stories. The sound quality might not be the best, but doing podcasts like this will make it a lot more likely that we’ll get them out in a timely manner. If it’s a HUGE problem for you, tell us, and we might (again, MIGHT) stop doing them this way. Don’t worry – We WILL record our usual way still, this is just for convenience.

Also, if  you don’t want to get the Abridged Episodes on your iTunes, we’ve set up a Dangercast Only feed. This way you can save some of that hard drive space for all that child porn you’re storing, you sicko.

Tell us what you think in the Discussion Thread or in the iTunes comments – we might just take them to heart! Is that too hard for you? Maybe you should shoot us an email to !