14 Jan 2011

Dangercast 14 and Ohayocon Stuff

Author: Grant | Filed under: News

Wow, has it really been THAT long since our last update? Well, my New Year’s resolution is to start making this site something really cool to be a part of. Sorry for all the delays and stuff, but understand that this site and everything involved with it is merely a hobby for those of us involved – We all have other jobs and often school to deal with as well, so that leaves precious little time to have fun with this website. That said, I’m off this WHOLE semester, so hopefully that’ll mean more stuff for our Box of Danger fans!

To get the year started right, we’ve updated the Dangercast, FINALLY. Dangercast 14 is here after weeks of failed uploads on Mevio. Hope it’s still relevant now that it’s only available in the far-flung future of 2011. Me, Greg, and Zac run down our high and low lights of 2010, and we threaten your very lives with explosive mp3s. Listen at your own risk! Also, please give your feedback in either the iTunes comments or in the official thread!

Also, in case you’ve forgotten, Ohayocon is coming up soon! A bunch of Box of Danger folk will be present, including myself, Eddie, Greg, Goo, and Joel. There’s also (as per usual) the unlikely possibility of an appearance by James, but don’t hold your breath. The big thing is how many out-of-state Abridgers seem to be showing up to the party. Check out the official thread for details, as this might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We STILL don’t have an exact time/date for our panel, but we do know it’ll be 90 minutes long. Swing by for some tips on abridging, crazy panel shenanigans, and games with prizes!

Once again, sorry for all the delays, and I (with the help of my fellow Box of Danger guyz) hope to keep this site much more active in the future, with maybe some new features… Hopefully.

  • Comicsman

    What about PTAS 21?

  • Grant Smith

    It’s premiering there.