6 Dec 2010

Dangercast 11 and PTAS Update

Author: Grant | Filed under: Abridging, News

Here’s Dangercast 11 for your listening pleasure. Obviously, as podcasts are intended, you can find this little ditty on iTunes (at the time of this posting it’s only on the Dangercast feed, but it’ll soon be on the Official Box of Danger Podcast). This podcast is a little different, as it’s two separate recordings put together. The gang went to grab food on two separate occasions, and some funny things were said.

In other news, I’ve FINALLY begun the editing process for PTAS 21. Sorry for the delay, but school and work became really time-consuming for the last few weeks, and finding time to sit down and record (both for myself and with everyone) was nearly impossible. That said, I’m estimating the new episode should be up in two weeks or so. Still have final exams THIS week, and once that’s over with, I should have a little more time (because once finals are over, the days I went to school I will then be going to work, bolstering my work week to 54 hours a week, leaving precious little time to edit). BUT, enough about me whining about my schedule, eh? Enjoy the shows we’ve got so far, and hopefully some new stuff is on the way!

  • Majslycktan

    Nice, I’ll listen to it as soon as I can. Wonderful that you started on PTAS, that’s my favourite of your abridged series.

  • Coshmo

    For awhile some time ago, I thought you guys gave up on PTAS. And with your most recent PTAS episode being in September, That thought again arose…….but it’s great to see that there will be another episode to look foward to. :D

  • BigMac

    Hello Kitty Island ADVENTURES >:D

  • leaman57

    Awesome PTAS rocks

  • Aaronrocha24

    Awesome dude it’s cool hope u get a good grade on the test(note I am you’re number one fan and check out you’re podcast everyday to check if there’s some new stuff on)