2 Apr 2010

April Fools!

Author: MasterSteel | Filed under: News

Well April Fools sure has been hectic here at the Box of Danger Headquarters (April Fools… We’re broke) but seriously, behind the immediate Takeover of Kira, it only took a matter of hours before he, and his evil accomplice 2nd Kira to destroy the site, and make it a barren wasteland where nobody can see who is who, and even worse… Random bannings. Anyone who was banned due to Kira writing your e-name in his e-deathnote are now revived by the powers of Master WGS.

After knocking out Kira, the board was infested by everyone’s least favorite swarm… Little Girls. As Hello Kitty had taken over our board, we did not know what to do?!

But Alas, of course we didn’t stop there. We then proceeded to make a false episode with audio that cut in and out, in such a way to feel like it had actually just lost audio, and the kicker is that Master WGS went onto the video explaining it was Youtube’s fault, actually causing people to blame the new layout for the lack of audio. Sorry, if you don’t like the new layout, that isn’t what caused the sound to go out.

Well, it’s been fun, but everything (at least, everything I can think of) has been reverted, but we’ve kept the Hello Kitty theme in the User Control Panel, so if you prefer it, you can keep it.

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  • Andrew Blank

    Whens the next episode? Jk.