6 Nov 2010


Author: Grant | Filed under: News

ModernTenshi04 is going to get to work on setting up a sidebar for these RIGHT NOW.

To be honest, I really thought Show Me Your News or The Abridged Community were going to be our first official/announced affiliates, and though they’re sure to come… Well, THIS is all too necessary. Click the image below at your own risk.

  • Alex_k1010

    could you guys put out some more PTAS? if you think the concepts getting old/ your busy/whatever thats cool but yeah, its kinda hilarious

  • Meh

    I agree, or it would be nice to know the position of the awesome series, whether it’s discontinued or in progress.

  • Roypencil

    Is it just me, or is Kuriboh really forking annoying.

  • Jack Slenderman

    its just you