Hey, chumps.

You can call me Roooster, because we’re not on a first-name basis. It’s disrespectful to address someone by their first-name when you’re not their acquaintance. And if you have to ask yourself, “Am I buddy-buddy enough with Joel to address him by his real name?” then the answer is probably, “No.”

What’s my job here at Box of Danger? I see myself as a, if not “the”, writer, as I usually get my hands on most scripts nowadays. I also come up with a ton of new ideas and shows for Box of Danger to present to its loyal fans! Of course, most, if not all, of my new ideas never get through that “idea” stage, simply because the rest of the lazy group is too busy making excuses of why they aren’t doing anything rather than, you know, actually doing them. But, a general must go to war with the army he’s got.

My position in the Box of Danger has led me to most identify with “The Brains”. I think things out, look for new angles and new ideas to attack, and what we, as a group, could do to improve. Hell, these new bios we’re making? This is all my idea; however, my ideas can only pick up momentum after WGS green-lights it, and that’s only if he “gets it”. This executive meddling is my greatest foe, and while Grant may lead us for now, it may not be logical for him to lead for too much longer… for the greater good, of course.

Along this line of logic, I love to argue. It’s not necessary that I love, or even care, about what is being argued. I just love the logic. I love watching it, using it, understanding it, and, yes, even abusing it. Arguments can be fun. So, note that if you enter a “heated” discussion with me, my passion is most likely not for the subject matter, but rather the action of debating itself.

While I may seem a bit hard on people, it’s only because I feel like I have to be. I have the highest STR, DEX and INT scores of Box of Danger because I was pushed to the physical and mental limits in my life, and love what I have become because of it. So, I try to make people benefit the way I had; not through constant praise, but through constant pressure to become stronger, faster, wiser, smarter, better. I’ll let you know when you did well; but, to me, it’s far more important to let you know what you did wrong. Unfortunately, even the greatest of teachers can only instruct those willing to learn…


214 P (air OK): Thunderstrike
41236 HS: Done Dirt Cheap
(air) 236 P/K/S/HS: Chilly Down
632146 S/K: Grand Illusion
236 K: Disco King Bringer

Force Breaks:

(air) 236 D: Nothin’s Gonna Stand in My Way
-> 236 P/K/S/HS: Not Tonight


(air) 2363214 S: Rocket King
632146 HS: Fear of Dark

Instant Kill:

(P K S HS) 236236 HS: My World