Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there. I was too busy taking a picture of myself.

Alright gang, I’m Grant a.k.a. Master WGS a.k.a. Wuggles a.k.a. Sir. I kinda run this joint… well, mostly. Every so often we vote when it’s important… but I lost last time that happened, so I’ll probably put a stop to that.

So I started this whole thing. Me. I put up the first episode of Pokémon the Abridged Series. I was loved by everyone. I was on TOP.  Then came the group of miscreants that make up the rest of The Lineup. They begged for roles in my hit show. They were all “Let me lend my talent* to your work, Sir!” And I, being the generous and benevolent individual that I am, allowed them to water down my stuff. I felt the fame and fortune was beginning to go to my head, and that it was causing me to lose touch with my Amish roots. Fortunately it turned out that I’m still the modest and frugal man I’ve always been, but I thought it was best to remain cautious all the same and make their positions permanent.

Since the rest of the team’s been around, my job has only septupled in difficulty. Now, not only do I have to be brilliant all the time (a fairly easy task that I tend to do on accident), I also have to keep the rabble in line. Between stopping Joel’s frequent attempts at a coup d’état, rectifying Eddie’s lack of professionalism, quelling Greg’s need to oppose everyone, correcting Matt’s  constant mistakes, finding James, silencing Zac’s incessant jabbering, and avoiding staring at Kirran’s fantastic body, I have no personal time. If you’re wondering why things take a long time to come out, you can blame any of the above reasons.


 - Be the Very Best

 -  Sign Autograph

 - Substitute

 - Crowd Surf