Uh… Did we start already? I’m not really ready yet…

The HYPE!!!!

Ahem… Good evening, friends and fans. It is I, your most charismatic, charming, impressive member of the our team, DARK BOMBER!!! (I’m not a damn kid anymore, so that part is gone!) What do I bring to the table you ask? Well, for starters, I write when inspiration strikes me. My goal is to be a great script writer. I’ve written various personal stories and scripts, each with its own sense of uniqueness. It’s really just a passion of mine. So… hell, what else do I do? Er… I voice act. That’s a given, I guess… Hmmmmm… OH! I totally sing. Yeah, I’ve got a damn sexy velvet voice, so if you want to hear a singing voice that’ll drop those panties (AND YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF 18. I CAN’T BE MORE CLEAR ABOUT THAT) then I’ll totally sing for you.

Okay, now, let’s get real. Everything I’ve said previously is true, but now I just wanna talk to you guys on a real level of talk… or typing… whatever. I’m not your ordinary dude. I thrive on being the energy of a room. I want you to want to be in this room with me. Why? Because you might be a cool dude. Maybe we can do cool dude stuff, or cool chick stuff… if you’re a chick. So don’t be afraid to come kick it with me if you see me sometimes.

Uh, let’s see… I’m probably the least rational in our group. I don’t play by what logic dictates as the most favorable outcome. I play by luck. I like to see how a situation can play out through the use of luck. I’m a lucky guy. So ladies, if you *CENSORED*. Yeah, sorta like that. Except with more apples. I really like apples. Man, this is starting to just become me rambling… Am I supposed to do fighting moves? I guess I’m supposed to do fighting moves.


623 K: Ego-Trip
236 S/HS: Mega-Buster!
41236 P: Quick Strick
22 S/HS: Loss of Sanity
236 K: MLP Power Kick
(Air) 214: Re-Do

Force Break:

236 D: Overload Shot


23632141236 HS (requires 100% tension & 0% Sanity): Son of H.P.L.
632146 S/HS: Sweet Ching Music

Instant Kill:

(P K S HS) 236236 HS: R’lyeh’s Suicide