1 Feb 2013

Grant Talks About Super Smash Bros. Melee Being at EVO 2013

Author: Grant | Filed under: Gaming

Whatever, I know the rest of the guys on this site don’t care about this at all, so I’ll make a quick post about it.





Over the last month, EVO (one of the world’s biggest fighting game tournament series) has offered up the last spot on its main stage to whatever game donated the most to breast cancer research via WePay. It became pretty heated between Skull Girls and Melee towards the end, as both communities managed to raise buttloads (read: around 50k a piece) of money within the last 48 hours of the donation drive. In the end, Melee came out on top with $94,683.81 while Skull Girls came in second with $78,760.97.


As someone who recognizes that Melee and its community have major problems (lack of defensive options, Fox, etc.), I’m thrilled this is how things turned out. The Smash community has been pushing for years to be recognized by the fighting game community at large, and they finally got their chance to prove they meant it. Everyone knows and classifies Skull Girls as a fighting game – nobody has or ever will argue that.  On top of that, they had major support from their developers and cast, offering tons of rewards and perks to those who donated to the cause.


Smash games, on the other hand, are party games first, with a weird, accidental tournament scene surrounding them, and had absolutely zero support in this donation drive from Nintendo, its development team, or anyone particularly famous outside of its players and community. As someone who would like to see future installments of Smash Bros. be more competitively geared and better balanced, this outpouring of the community gives me hope that Nintendo might finally receive that message from its multitude of fans.


So yeah, if we were basing this off of “Which fighting game is the best and should get this last slot,” I would say Melee getting it is a huge mistake. But as someone who thinks “I want competitive video games to be more widespread and diverse,” I believe Melee going to EVO is a wonderful Cinderella story that paves the way for other less traditional games to be globally recognized as competitively viable.


And as for Skull Girls fans – people still respect and know your game, which gets continually changed and improved. This was likely Melee’s last shot at anything like this, while you have plenty of years ahead of you. You fought a great fight for the last slot, and I hope the Melee community does something with it to make you see why it matters so much for them to finally get their moment.


In closing, look forward to Fox only, no items, Final Destination.



  • famitsucrash

    Can’t wait to see what they have in store. Show me how passionate this game can be!

  • Hugo Wainwright

     …Have you even seen what melee is like recently?

    Many of the current the top performers (such as Mew2King’s Sheik, Armada’s Peach, and Hungrybox’s Jigglypuff) play with characters and playstyles hugely geared towards patient, defensive play while looking for chinks in the opponents offence in order to get heavy punishes.

    Final Destination is a terrible stage, as it removes what is one of the most unique and interesting things about the game: movement opportunities granted to the player through the use of platforms. Given that platform movement is so important in this game, players only tend to favour Final Destination in matchups where one can get significant returns from chaingrabbing.

    Melee is far from being a ‘party game first’. Whilst the depth of the gameplay is likely accidental (from the perspective of the developers), it is undeniable that the depth exists, and melee’s competitive play is more than comparable to any other of the games due to feature in EVO 2013.

  • Grant Smith

    Clearly you missed the joke in that last bit with Fox/Final Destination. As someone who’s been heavily involved in Melee’s competitive scene for almost eight years, I know that’s an incredible over-generalization. 

    Also, yes, my implication of the accidental “depth” (I disagree, but that’s a moot point) was from the perspective of its developers. 

    Didn’t mean to offend. I like Melee. We’re on the same side. 

  • Hugo Wainwright

     No worries, I’m not offended (it would be silly to take offence at something like this), I’d just felt you’d given an unfair and overly simplistic characterisation of melee, whilst at the same time seemingly sounding like you have an understanding of its depths.

  • Giganexus

    i must would have rathered it be brawl but hey im not even going so why should i complain?