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Alright guys and gals, let’s rap for a second.


(Grant pulls up a chair and sits in it backwards, assuring you he’s a cool dude who means well.)

original picture do not steal

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18 Jun 2014

Status Update

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Hello all, your friendly site admin ModernTenshi04 posting.


Lately I’ve been receiving notifications from our host about abnormally high bandwidth usage. While I find their reasoning highly suspect (we’ve had heavier months before), I feel that part of our problem has been the massive bot issue we’ve had on our forums lately.


As such, I’ve shutdown the forums for the time being. They aren’t going away forever, and nothing has been deleted, but the bot issue has become such a nuisance and legitimate use of the forums has dropped so significantly, that I couldn’t leave them up at this point in time. I’m hoping that shutting down the forums for a bit will solve our bandwidth usage issues with our host, or reveal another problem we may have to address.


Meanwhile, the remaining members of Box of Danger have been discussing the future of this site. We don’t want things to go away, but we have to come up with some sort of viable plan to make sure this site is being used effectively. Stay tuned for what happens.


Hugs and kisses,



20 May 2014

Forum Shutdown

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“Hail, Arisen!” he said, getting in my way. “‘Tis an honor to at last meet thee!”



Great. Ye olde English. Real funny, Shakespeare.

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11 Jun 2012

Dragons and Dogmas 2: Rook the Pawn

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My name’s Sparky the Great, and it’d do you well to remember that.

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3 Jun 2012

Dragons and Dogmas 1: Sparky’s Tale Begins

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Our own Eddie is on the scene at PAX East in exotic Boston, MA interviewing Indie Game Developers.



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So a few months ago I set into motion another Abridging contest. It wasn’t super promoted, and was geared more towards people who are already part of this community. Another contest like this will likely appear again, probably with more publicity to (hopefully) bring in some better talent. I say that because, sadly, none of these entries were… good. A few had good ideas, and some even had good moments… but none of the videos entered really qualify as “good” for me. Which is sad, because someone’s walking away with a pretty big wad of cash. Anyway, here are the entries, my reviews of them, and the results.


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7 Feb 2012

The Wugglies Results

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Happy 2012, everybody! Hope it’s treating you well so far.

Box of Danger in 2012 is hitting it big! We’re kicking off the year with our usual appearance at Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio, January 27th-29th. Register now if you haven’t already, and come hang out with us either at the con or during our panels. We have two of ‘em this year: Abridging Theater and How To Panel. Watch us show you some Abridging videos (including two or three new videos from us!), or come get some tips from us on properly running a panel.

Speaking of Ohayocon, you want to look good while you’re there, right? Make a good impression on us while exciting all the ladies with your untamable swag? Then you should check out our revamped store page! The shirts are a bit pricey (roughly $25 + Shipping), but they’re quality shirts that won’t wear out or fade. You can also get 10% off your entire order for entering in the coupon code “flayzer”.


Regardless, looking forward to seeing you at Ohayocon, making more stuff this year and HITTING IT BIG.

8 Jan 2012

Ohayocon 2012 and Store Page!

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As we ride the holiday wave into 2012, we often look back fondly on the memories we’ve had in the year. For most people, memories lie in the things they’ve done with the people they love, and sometimes, however unfortunate, the losses that make people into what they are today. As nerds, we generally make a top 5 list and let the internet argue about what games are our GAME OF THE YEAR.

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6 Jan 2012

Mark’s Game of the Year 2011

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Alright first of all, I’m no critic and whatever I say you can take with a grain of salt. I just know what I like and I’m gonna tell you what I like. But I have to say that there were a lot of great games that came out this year and there are quite a few I still need to play (I’m looking at you Skyrim!!), but with that in mind I feel satisfied jumping into this list.  Let’s get to it!

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5 Jan 2012

Zac’s Year 2011 in Gaming

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OK, so, Grant says that “I should do 5 categories because of blah!”  But screw that.  I didn’t play too many games this year, and forcing underqualified entries into being “good” just isn’t my style.

Note:  If your favorite games aren’t on here, there are two possibilities as to why.

1) I didn’t play them

2) They sucked.

These are just games that I can totes vouch for.

So, let’s rock.

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2 Jan 2012

Joel’s Year 2011 in Gaming

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