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In this time-trotting adventure, Pikachu and pals are enlisted to help the mysterious Time Police in stopping the mutants who have run wild. But will they get there in… TIME!?


Written by Master WGS and MasterSteel


Featuring AtticusTheAbridged as The Captain and LordMoonstone as The Security System



Episode 3: Famiglia ha Tre


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We just want to let everyone know that we aren’t quitting abridging, and we have multiple episodes in the works as of right now.


The Team

1 Apr 2012

Special Pokemon Abridged Announcement

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So a few months ago I set into motion another Abridging contest. It wasn’t super promoted, and was geared more towards people who are already part of this community. Another contest like this will likely appear again, probably with more publicity to (hopefully) bring in some better talent. I say that because, sadly, none of these entries were… good. A few had good ideas, and some even had good moments… but none of the videos entered really qualify as “good” for me. Which is sad, because someone’s walking away with a pretty big wad of cash. Anyway, here are the entries, my reviews of them, and the results.


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7 Feb 2012

The Wugglies Results

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Happy 2012, everybody! Hope it’s treating you well so far.

Box of Danger in 2012 is hitting it big! We’re kicking off the year with our usual appearance at Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio, January 27th-29th. Register now if you haven’t already, and come hang out with us either at the con or during our panels. We have two of ‘em this year: Abridging Theater and How To Panel. Watch us show you some Abridging videos (including two or three new videos from us!), or come get some tips from us on properly running a panel.

Speaking of Ohayocon, you want to look good while you’re there, right? Make a good impression on us while exciting all the ladies with your untamable swag? Then you should check out our revamped store page! The shirts are a bit pricey (roughly $25 + Shipping), but they’re quality shirts that won’t wear out or fade. You can also get 10% off your entire order for entering in the coupon code “flayzer”.


Regardless, looking forward to seeing you at Ohayocon, making more stuff this year and HITTING IT BIG.

8 Jan 2012

Ohayocon 2012 and Store Page!

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Ash and his friends finally spin out to Celadon City for a gym battle, but Erika won’t let any Tom, Dick, or Harry into her facility. Can Ash find a way to sneak his most private of packages into the gym?

Special Guest Voices:
Maria: FalconFlyer69
Erika: Megami33
Bulma: ChadVision

Discussion thread HERE.



Check it out. More shows to come.

10 May 2011

Guess Who’s Got Streaming Video?

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Check out Show Me Your News this Sunday to hear Master WGS and show hosts Youko and TheBuzzSaw chat it up. I might even talk about one or two of my fifty hours in Pokémon Black. Full details here. Show Me Your News is a video game podcast with a great couple of hosts and surrounding community. If you’re sick of the jerks here at Box of Danger, feel free to check them out as they’ll be much more likely to be kind and respectful. There will likely be talks of video games. I might even put the podcast up on the Dangercast feed for the many of you who won’t bother to read this post.

Also, if you haven’t already, subscribe to our new Dangercast feed. Mevio (the site we were using for a while) is being a butt. Just copy the link into your iTunes toolbar under Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast.

9 Mar 2011

Master WGS is Going to be on SMYN Ep: 80 + Updates

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Well, it was a long time comin’, but it’s finally here.

Pokémon the Abridged Series: Episode 21 is now available on Youtube. Knowing them, though, it could go down any minute, so check it out while the getting’s good!

Our good man Roooster also provided us with a bit of laughs in the form of Dungeons and Dragons: The Ultimate Champion Series. Not totally sure on whether or not to continue this series. It’s not so much that we didn’t like it (we loved it, in fact), but this seems like a gag that might only work once or twice. Feel free to voice your opinions in the dedicated thread, or in the Youtube comments.

Oh, also this thing happened this weekend. It was called Ohayocon, and in all likelihood, you probably missed it. And boy did you miss out big. Videos are sure to be on the way, but here’s a tip for the future.

Probably more stuff coming your way, and a potential change in Podcast feeds again as well. Mevio apparently can’t keep up with us anymore.

31 Jan 2011

PTAS 21, DaDtUCS, and Ohayocon Reflections!

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Here’s Dangercast 11 for your listening pleasure. Obviously, as podcasts are intended, you can find this little ditty on iTunes (at the time of this posting it’s only on the Dangercast feed, but it’ll soon be on the Official Box of Danger Podcast). This podcast is a little different, as it’s two separate recordings put together. The gang went to grab food on two separate occasions, and some funny things were said.

In other news, I’ve FINALLY begun the editing process for PTAS 21. Sorry for the delay, but school and work became really time-consuming for the last few weeks, and finding time to sit down and record (both for myself and with everyone) was nearly impossible. That said, I’m estimating the new episode should be up in two weeks or so. Still have final exams THIS week, and once that’s over with, I should have a little more time (because once finals are over, the days I went to school I will then be going to work, bolstering my work week to 54 hours a week, leaving precious little time to edit). BUT, enough about me whining about my schedule, eh? Enjoy the shows we’ve got so far, and hopefully some new stuff is on the way!

6 Dec 2010

Dangercast 11 and PTAS Update

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