2 Jun 2012

Pokémon the Abridged Series Episode 25: Time Police

Author: Grant | Filed under: Abridging, Box of Danger Productions

In this time-trotting adventure, Pikachu and pals are enlisted to help the mysterious Time Police in stopping the mutants who have run wild. But will they get there in… TIME!?


Written by Master WGS and MasterSteel


Featuring AtticusTheAbridged as The Captain and LordMoonstone as The Security System


  • Jobe

    AS PER USUAL, BEST THING EVER!!!!!!! on a scale of one to best, you can guess where.

  • Pyro21


  • Jobe

    I check this every week. I am always sad when there isn’t another episode. 

  • Jobe

    Make a new episode just for me? 

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to the next episode. ^_^