11 Dec 2011

Pokémon Abridged Episode 23: She Who Smelt It…

Author: Grant | Filed under: Abridging, Box of Danger Productions


Ash and his friends finally spin out to Celadon City for a gym battle, but Erika won’t let any Tom, Dick, or Harry into her facility. Can Ash find a way to sneak his most private of packages into the gym?

Special Guest Voices:
Maria: FalconFlyer69
Erika: Megami33
Bulma: ChadVision

Discussion thread HERE.

  • I_would_bone_Lindsay_Lohan

    took you long enough

  • zeromaster

    wow guys, I’m impressed, this episode was fantastic, whatever your doing keep doing it, best abridged version of this episode that I’ve seen imo

  • Bjs2939

    Not as funny as it used to be, but the ending was pure genius. 

  • Zanderbeans

    Hilarious new video guys. I’m so glad you’re still making these. They make me so happy. :D

  • Sam Chen


  • Scott Norton


    …. The wait for the episode; not the episode itself, that was actually kinda funny.

  • jay-dz

    Can you make another episode a little faster this time?

  • Anon

    Nice ep :)

  • Lan

    i miss the sarcastic pokedex and the mighty butterfree

  • Inuzuka

    Loved the ending :D

  • Darcy

    I’m not sure why people didn’t like this, sure it was slow but it was still brilliant.

  • Pokelefi

    that make 4 pity badges on one earned by pikachu seriously why did i like him as kid?